Frequently asked questions

How much money will be granted in 2017? 
Minimum NOK 3 million 

How many projects will be selected for pitching at SØRFOND forum?
Approximately 8 projects 

If I don’t get selected, can I still come and join the forum to meet with Norwegian producers?
Yes, you can. If you do we will try to help you set up meetings and you will be invited to the social events.

Is there more than one deadline for production support a year? 

If I already have a Norwegian co-producer, can I still participate at the forum?
The purpose off attending is to find a Norwegian co-producer, so if you already have one there is no need to participate. 

Why do I need i Norwegian co-producer to apply for support from SØRFOND?
To strengthen the cooperation between the film industry in Norway and the eligible countries. The Norwegian co-producer submits the application in January and keeps 10 % of the granted amount for administration expenses. 

Is any other spending in Norway required?
No other spending in Norway is required. At least 70 % of the grant has to be spent in a country on the DAC-list.  

Can I apply for support if the project is in post-production?
Yes you may. But the grant will only cover remaining costs and you must attach a rough cut from the film.  

Where do I find the DAC-list?
You can find it here. 

What kind of films do you support? Do you support shorts?
SØRFOND supports fiction, documentaries and animation films with a minimum lenght of 50 minutes.

Does the fund support first time directors?

Is there a maximum limit for the attachements for the application form? 
Yes. 10 MB pr attachment. 

For other questions – send us an email and we will help you: [email protected]