Hondo to Sørfond’s pitching forum in November

Sørfond invites Hondo to come to Oslo in November to take part in the Sørfond Pitching Forum during the festival. 

Av 16. mai 2018

Each year in November, during the Films From the South festival, we organize the Sørfond Pitching Forum. Carefully selected projects from partnering film markets around the world are invited to Oslo in November to receive two days of professional pitching training, before pitching their projects to an audience of Norwegian producers. It is a training and networking event with the aim of creating partnerships between projects in development and Norwegian producers, so they can apply Sørfond support the following year.

One project was already selected at the Dubai Film Connection, just before Christmas.Amongst the many great projects in Dubai it was the Jordanian project The Alleys, by director Basel Ghandour and producer Rula Nasser, that was awarded the invitation for the Sørfond Pitching Forum. Read more here. 

Last month in Malaga at the MAFIZ, we selected the project Hondo about the teenager Anick and her mother Elena who spend their days commanding a cattle ranch on Venezuela.

“Pitching Hondo at the Sorfond Pitching Forum is a great opportunity to share the project to producers who come from a very distant and different environment and context. We are thrilled to share our story and listen to their impressions and ideas,” says the producer Natalia Machado.

About Hondo
Deep into the Venezuelan plains we meet Anick and her mother Elena. Elena suffers, from what is known as "demons", and after enduring a life filled with suffering, she has decided to die. Anick, a strong girl, feels the pressure to keep the family business in order. One morning, she discovers a dismembered cow. Apparently, a hungry tiger has been killing the cattle in the ranch. Meanwhile, the people using the political instability to invade properties have started to close in on their land. Elena, fearful of losing their land and determined to secure her daughter's future before she dies, secretly has arranged the sale of her property, but Anick discovers her plan and opposes her. In turn, Elena dares her to catch the tiger. Anick, resentful of her mother's indifference towards their lives and their land, decides to go after it and finish off the beast.