About Sørfond+



With support from Creative Europe's MEDIA-programme, 5 films was supported through one round of grants from Sørfond+ in 2017.

Unfortunately SØRFOND+ is now closed for applications in 2019. We hope to open a new call for applications in 2020. Sign up to our newsletter or like our Facebook page to stay informed on future developments. 

For SØRFOND+ largely the same criteria as for SØRFOND applies, but you do not need a Norweian co-producer. In stead you can apply SØRFOND+ with any European co-producer from a country participating in the MEDIA-sub-programme of Creative Europe.


For questions concerning the scheme please contact [email protected]. For questions concerning the application form please contact [email protected]



SØRFOND+ has received support from Creative Europe's MEDIA-programme